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Uniqueness of a stained-glass window

Art of a stained-glass window has arisen in the remote past. The stained-glass windows represented earlier a set of glasses of various color, served as an ornament of buildings and premises. Eventually developed not only art, but also their composition, figure, technics of execution and a way of processing of glass.

Today, the stained-glass window is successfully applied in architecture to give to space of an interior quivering exciting light.

Presence of a stained-glass window is capable to transform light in and to change habitual conditions. The most interesting occurs at hit of a beam of the sun in a stained-glass window, the room is filled with colors of a rainbow, everyone fragment of glass participates in game of light. This beauty can be admired all day long.

The stained-glass window can act as irreplaceable accent of your interior and will be noticed and estimated by your friends.

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